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Advertising Rates for 2017

Advertising space is offered in both The Tracker (2017, Volume 61) and the Enhanced Convention Handbook at very attractive rates.  Volume pricing is extended for commitment to publish in four [4] consecutive Tracker issues - plus an additional 10% off Convention Handbook advertising when ordered with The Tracker, for a total of five publications!
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Border Dimensions 1 time 4 times (each)
(3-line maximum)
3.5" w by 1" h $80 $65
  Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
Business Card
(Eighth Page)
3.5" w by 2.125" h 120 95
Quarter Page 3.5" w by 5" h 210 170
Half Page vertical 3.5" w by 10" h 375 310
Half Page horizontal 7.5" w by 4.5" h 375 310
Full Page
(non-bleed size)*
7.5" w by 10" h 615 485
Full Page Color
(non-bleed size)*
7.5" w by 10" h 725 580
Back Cover Color When available-inquire 825 660
Inside Cover Color When available-inquire 775 625


Enhanced Convention Handbook
Twin Cities, Minnesota
August 5 - 11, 2017

Receive a 10% discount on the Handbook ad
when ordered with 4 Tracker ads.


Border Dimensions 1 time
Business Card Horizontal
Black and White

2.25” by 1.5”


Half Page Horizontal

5” by 3.75”

Full Page Color

5” x 8”  (non-bleed size)
5.5” by 8.5”  (add .125” bleed)




A single Banner Ad is displayed at the top of the individual organ details pages visited and is rotated with other Ads within the same advertising period.

Banner Ad Size

Site (Single Organ Details Pages) Per Month
945 pixels W x 50 pixels H


  • *Full page ads may bleed. Add .125ʺ on all four sides of trim size 8.5ʺw x 11ʺ h. Live area should not exceed the non-bleed dimensions.
  • Four-time rate is contingent upon commitment to publish in four consecutive issues. Ads may be different in every issue, provided that they are submitted as camera-ready art or complete PDFs.
  • We will prepare simple ads for Name & Address and Business Card size ads at no additional fee. We can provide a design service for larger ads for a nominal fee.
  • OHS offers no agency discount.
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