Nominate an OHS Member for the
Distinguished Service Award

Award Description

The Distinguished Service Award is the premier recognition given by the Organ Historical Society for volunteer work by members of the organization. It recognizes significant contributions of the highest order for the promotion and betterment of the Society. Promotion can include noteworthy and outstanding contributions to the programs and mission of the Society as well as advertising and public relations.

Recipients must be members of the OHS who have contributed significant service in terms of time, talent, and work – not philanthropy, though it is recognized that many volunteers also give monetary donations to the OHS.

Your nomination must be received by midnight, June 1, 2017. If you send your nomination by USPS it must be postmarked no later than June 1.

Submission Checklist

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National-level offices or positions held (e.g. Board, committees, etc.), including specific years of service:


OHS projects initiated or participated in, including conventions, outreach, membership recruitment, etc.:


Work in any area of organ history, including writing, scholarship, preservation, advocacy, fund-raising, organ playing, teaching, promotion, etc. that directly benefits the OHS:


Chapter-level involvement, offices held, projects, etc.:


Other pertinent qualifications: